Best MSM Supplement for Dogs and Pets for Treating Joint Pain and Arthritis

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Best MSM Supplement for Dogs and Pets for Treating

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Like their human counterparts, cats and dogs are likely to suffer from chronic joint pain and arthritis during their lives. Many natural health practitioners believe the pure crystalline form of organic sulfur is the most potent form of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) that can quickly help your beloved pets gain relief from such pain and discomfort. The suggested dosage of MSM is extremely low: unless you own a very large dog weighing over 100 pounds, their organic sulfur dose is invariably no more than a teaspoon a day in their food or water bowls.

Many commercially available MSM powders, tablets, and pills have been heated to very high temperatures, contain disruptive anti-caking agents or fillers that prevent the full uptake of sulfur, or are made with ingredients such as magnesium stearate and dextrose that may be sourced from genetically engineered corn.

Recognizing that consumers and their pets need a healthy alternative, Organic Sulfur For Health distributes and promotes a pure crystalline product that comes straight from the precipitator and has not been heated or damaged by the inclusion of fillers or agents.

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